Why I See Tennis as a Lifelong Sport

Topics: Game, Want, Tennis Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: November 28, 2005
Why I See Tennis as a Lifelong Sport

For me, I do see tennis as a lifelong sport that I will always like to play. I have enjoyed playing tennis since the age of 11 when my father took me out to my neighborhood court and taught me to play. Ever since then I decided that tennis would be my sport of choice. Tennis is a sport that only requires one other person to play, it is fairly easy to play for fun, and tennis requires you to use your entire body and stay in shape. Those are my reasons for keeping tennis as a lifelong sport. Often in other sports, if you want to play, you have to gather a group of people to get a game started. That can take a long time and sometimes you can't find enough people to play. However, in tennis, you only need one other person to play with you to play a game. It is easier to find one other person versus finding a group; you can easily get a best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or even someone you run into on the court to play with you. If you want to play doubles, you can ask someone on another court if they want to join you and your partner. If you're practicing you don't even need another person; you can hit the ball against a wall or you can just hit balls over the net. In the end, it is easier to find one person than trying to find a team of people. In addition to it not being hard to find a partner to play, tennis is relatively easy to play. If you are a beginner and not worried about a lot of strategy, there are only 3 skills that you really need to know: the backhand, forehand, and the serve. Basically all you need to be able to do is hit the ball and make sure it goes where it should. As you begin to get better than the other skills will come easily and you will be able to begin using strategy. For example, after you master the backhand and forehand, you can start using topspin and backspin on the ball. Ultimately what makes tennis so easy is that the skills build on each other. The last reason I have for...
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