Why I Love Soccer

Topics: American football, Game, Association football Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: February 6, 2014
As I glare at the ball then the goal. Ball again, then goal. I started sprinting up to the multi colored ball. I strike it perfectly. Perfect follow through. The inside bend curving the ball just right. As I watch the ball soaring through the air, the sun puts a glare on the ball. I have lost sight of it in the sun. I close my eyes and hear the ball sliding on the side net. I glanced up and I start cheering. Jumping up and down, I just won the game for the team. I love soccer because, it involves a lot of running and skill, I have been playing soccer since I was a wee lad, and it involves team effort.

Soccer I think is the most energetic sport ever. Soccer is amazing to me. People call us field fairies but it takes a lot more skill than you think. I love running, it’s my obsession. I run outside of school almost every day. About 6 miles a day. But enough about running. That’s what makes soccer the greatest sport ever to me. The skill in soccer takes along time to master. I don’t even think you can master soccer. There are so many new things I learn at practice every day. The skill you need to play soccer it just over the top. When you first play soccer, like first ever in your life your thinking wow, this is a lot more tricky than I thought it would be. I know that’s what I was thinking when I first played.

Since I was five I have been playing soccer and I first started I played with the YMCA. After that I played with a youth soccer club and that is for anybody who wants to try soccer or maybe just keep playing soccer. Ever since I played soccer I have loved it and when I was little I had no clue what I was doing at the time. Now I have progressed a lot and know what I’m doing. My first year I played, I had a goal and it was a very good goal. I kicked the ball and if I remember correctly it went through at least three kids’ legs and went it in the goal. I was very happy! My mom since I was little wanted me to play football. I tried football one year but I...
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