why i loathe easenders

Topics: EastEnders, Archie Mitchell, Bianca Jackson Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: October 13, 2013
 Why I loathe EastEnders

‘Doom doom’ is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this murder, affair and breakup contaminated TV programme, EastEnders. This soap has lost a staggering 3 million viewers in just two years because of their awful storylines and characters. In fact, the most familiar noise in Albert Square is the sound of party poppers being drowned out by sobbing, followed by some pulsing drums. (Yawn). Furthermore, what really irritates me is the eccentric clothing in EastEnders regarding their effort. I can never forget Bianca Jackson (the ginger woman who is most likely to screech “Ricky!” in her nauseating cockney accent although the person is a meter away from her) and her horrendous silver puffer jacket. She resembles a satellite sauntering around in that ‘aluminium foil’. I mean, this is EastEnders not NASA. Another fashion catastrophe is Pat Butcher (the satsuma of the square) and her ridiculous earrings that people must mistake as chandeliers. Not forgetting, Alfie Moon’s bizarre floral shirts, hideous belts with metal faces of bulls and long leather jackets. All he needs is a cowboy hat along with studded boots, and he’s ready to audition for a part as Woody in the Toy Story trilogy. EastEnders, surely you don’t need reminding that its 2011 not 1960. Most importantly, why is every christening, birthday celebration and wedding reception held in the Queen Vic? Elegant wedding dress (Check) vibrant flowers (check) expensive wedding cars (check) reception in a dodgy east end pub with Ian Beale's cheap food (Check, check). That is Ian Beale who just so happens to have been married to 4 wives and coincidentally divorced them all. Perhaps someone’s bound to mistake him for henry the 8th one day after marrying and divorcing his next victim, Mandy Salter. Then there’ll be 5 down, 1 to go. Additionally, what I find complete and utter nonsense is how someone dies/or is murdered every Christmas. It’s...
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