Why I Live at the P.O

Topics: Family, Jealousy, Sibling Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: February 15, 2008
Rashawn Venters
Eng 101
Mrs. Davis

Why I live at the P.O
The character in this story, Sister, seems to be in a way jealous and a little selfish, but with good reason, she has a sister, Stella-rondo, who has always been everyone's favorite and everyone would believe everything she said, from her saying that Sister was "one-sided to her,( Stella-Rondos ) "adopted" child. Sister has every reason to not like Stella-Rondo. Everyone else in the house seems to think that Sister is indeed very jealous of Stella-Rondo, and Sister can not even defend herself because that would have just verified everyone's point. Although it is a little comedic, the whole story shows bits and pieces of anyone's everyday lives. Jealousy, stubbornness, spitefulness, and sibling rivalry are the main things implicated in this story.

In this short story we meet Sister and four members of her family. The Protaganist of the story ia Sister , the oldest child of two girls, and her younger sister Stella-Rondo is the family favorite. It seems everything Sister wants, Stella-Rondo gets. Sister says that Stella-Rondo stole her boyfriend for it was Sister who had been dating Mr. Whitaker first until Stella- Rondo, being the jealous person she was told him that Sister was "one-sided," unequal on both sides. And that in-turn ended the relationship.Sisters real problem is that she is extreamly jelous of Stella-rondo. And she, Sister, at times can be a little selfish. For instance at the end Sister says to herself, "And if Stella-Rondo should come to me this minute, on bended knee, and attempt to explain the incidents of her life with Mr. Whitaker, I'd simply put my fingers in both my ears and refuse to listen" (153). That statement alone defines her jealously and selfishness towards her sister, because it seems Mr. Whitaker is the only thing she is really upset about for she makes no mention about any of the other family...
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