Why i hate the giants

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Maybe it’s a good idea to step back and analyze the distaste for the Bengie Molina move even more. Dig deep. Get out the pocketwatches, start them a-swingin’, and head on back to a past life if you must.

It isn’t necessarily that Molina is one of the hardest players to watch, though he is. On average, every seven games, he’ll hit a home run. Everything else that he does on the baseball field is aesthetically displeasing. He can’t score from second on a single; he allows pitchers to control every at-bat he takes; his defense is the first thing to go when he gets tired. But, heck, that’s probably holding him to too high of a standard. Catchers aren’t supposed to be fast, they’re not supposed to be especially good hitters, and it’s a tough and taxing position to play.

It isn’t necessarily that Molina means that Buster Posey is AAA-bound. Posey has excited Giants fans like no other prospect since Will Clark. That’s over 20 years of waiting for an All-Star position player from the farm. Sandoval was a surprise -- a beautiful, welcome, and rotund surprise -- so the anticipation wasn’t nearly the same. Since the ‘08 draft, though, we’ve been waiting for Posey.

Will he sign?....when does he start A-ball?...now that he’s dominated A-ball, when does he get promoted?...now that he’s hitting well in AAA, when do we see him in the majors?...now that he’s in the majors, is there a chance that a St. Bernard can get a flagon of rum to the end of the bench?
Wait, wait, wait. When the Giants declined to offer Molina arbitration, it was possible that the wait was over. Not so. But I’ll accept the possibility that Posey isn’t ready, that his defense needs work, and that it isn’t a good idea to drop a full-time catching gig in his lap for a team ready to contend. I disagree, but I don’t think I know enough to be dogmatic about it. A year in AAA isn’t going to ruin his development, and it might actually aid it.

The distaste for the re-signing comes mostly because I’m pretty

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