Why I Enrolled in College

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Why enroll in college? It’s a question thousands of graduating high school students will ponder every year. This was also a question I had to ask myself many years ago. In making such a decision there are many things to think about. What do you want to get from a college education? Is there a certain degree that you are striving for? What challenges are there that could possibly be in the way of you meeting your goal? Over and over again students attend college just to attend. They never have a real focus on what the end point should be. It is important that you set a goal, and stay motivated. When I graduated from high school I had already been enlisted into the Air Force under the delayed enlistment program, but still had the choice to go forth or cancel my enlistment. When finally making my choice I decided to join the military and forgo college life. My years in the military have been great for me and my family, but as with everything, there comes a time when you are at the end of a career. In my case, while still being somewhat young, opportunity is available to embark on a second career after retirement. Currently I am attending college in somewhat of a rush. Being a big procrastinator I regret not maintaining a schedule of courses while having the opportunity to do so. Over the past 20 years I took a class here and there, but never stuck with it. Now with my impending retirement the realization has hit that working on my degree is a must. Why continue? Well, for several reasons. To begin with, the personal growth that is gained from college is immeasurable. For example, during my military career I always strive to learn something new every day. Whether it be a new computer technique, or maybe gaining knowledge from a supervisor or friend. In a similar manner while attending college, one would hope that you can’t help but learn something as long as you keep an open mind...
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