Why I Deserve a Raise

Topics: Management, Time management, Customer Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: November 15, 2005
Why I deserve a raise?

One of the most important aspects of my life right now is my job. I've accomplished many goals and met standards set by you. I always listened to what you had to say and respected your authority. I've never been late to work; working 5 days a week. No matter how busy we get I've always managed to keep the box in balance and keep my customers satisfied.

When the time comes and there is something new to do, you give me instructions and let me know what to do. Every time I have specific tasks to accomplish, I always make sure that it's something I take care of after my customers. When you tell me to do something specifically, I make sure that I get to it as soon as I have time in my hand. I've never argued with you about any specific tasks you've asked me to do. I made sure that if there were other things to do prior to what you tell me to do; I took care of other things first so the job can be finished correctly. These are some examples to show you that I have always respected your authority at the car wash; I've never doubted your knowledge about things that were going around.

Time management is one of the key factors to this job. I have always made sure that I woke up early enough to get to work on time; I haven't been late for work yet. I am always there 15 minutes early to open up the car wash; that's something I choose to do voluntarily. A lot of the other workers come in late once in a while; I made sure that wasn't a problem you had to deal with me. I am there 5 days a week, and I am always staying an extra half n hour after everyone leaves. Whenever I have something real important to take care of and I am shorthanded, I make sure that I get other workers to help me out so that I can finish my job in a timely manner. Being on time and getting things done on time is real important for my job. I have made that a part of my daily routine; it's a part of my character.

On certain days the carwash is slow and other...
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