Why I Dance

Topics: Performance, Dance, Indian classical dance Pages: 3 (1393 words) Published: March 15, 2009
Name: Amy Jacob Student ID: 11715477 Major/College: Communications/Drexel University Home Address: 24 Cherry Place Staten Island, NY 10314 School Address: 101 N. 34th Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 Email: Amy.A.Jacob@drexel.edu Title of Paper: Why I Dance Assignment Description: Narrative Essay on Literacy and Communication Course and Section: Engl 101-126 Professor: Edward Fristrom I remember as if it was yesterday, that brisk, chilly, October evening, clutching tightly onto my mother’s hand as she and I strolled into the small, quaint building. As a timid child of five, I stood there cowering behind my mother while listening to her converse with an unfamiliar woman dressed in traditional Indian attire. After a few minutes, the woman turned toward me with a glowing smile, to whom I did not realize then that I would grow accustom. She looked into my eyes, and told my mother, “She certainly does have the deep, expressive, soulful eyes of a true Indian Classical dancer.” She then asked me if I really liked to dance and I nodded vigorously, as she then took my hand and lead me to my first Indian dance class. Thinking back upon the past thirteen years has really helped me to realize what I truly had gained as a student of the Kalashri School of Arts. Even from the very beginning, I restlessly looked forward to Sunday afternoons, impatient to learn new routines. I was so eager for class, that throughout the week itself, I would set aside thirty minutes each day to practice what I had been taught. I still remember how embarrassed I would feel whenever my dance guru, Ms. Bina Menon, would comment on how attentive I was or how apparent it was that I had practiced thoroughly during the week. I have to admit though; it always did make me secretly proud when Bina Aunty would compliment me. I recall my first performance rather perfectly, the exhilaration I felt. I had just turned six years old and there was a show approaching in September. The show was for the...
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