Why I Chose to Go Back to School

Topics: Education, Police, School Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: November 8, 2010
How many of you have had a job that you absolutely detest? You know the one you crawl out of the bed every morning already in a bad mood, dreading the minute you step foot into your office. The phone is ringing, your blackberry is going off and your boss is already blaming you for something she didn’t do. Well I am right there with you; except I am doing something about it! That’s right I am going back to school to continue my education which will provide me with the knowledge that I need in order to obtain a career that I truly enjoy, increase my self esteem, and give me a sense of accomplishment which sets an example for my children. It is important that you teach your children to stay in school and get a good education because in today’s market place a college education is essential. There are a limited amount of jobs out there and you are competing with hundreds of people for the same position, therefore the more knowledge and experience the better your chances. The applicant testing exam is the first step in obtaining a career in policing which is a well paying career which I feel will be a career that I will enjoy. Reaching my goal of being a police officer will give me a sense of accomplishment which increases my self esteem. When you get that job that you have been working so hard to get it shows your kids the importance of having dreams and that if you set your mind to something you can do anything. As you can see increasing my education will enable me to successfully obtain a career in policing, provide me with a sense of accomplishment by setting an example for my children which will increase my self esteem. While you sit in your office wishing you could quit your job and do something you have always wanted to do, seriously consider continuing your education it’s a win/win resolution.
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