Why I Chose Martin Luther King as My Role Model

Topics: White people, Black people, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: April 15, 2013
My inspiring role model is Martin Luther king as he showed the world that anything can be achieved with a dream. His dream was to break the chains that imprisoned black people, restricting them from doing everyday things in everyday life such as using public toilets, travelling on the bus and even going to the cinema, without being sectioned off by the white people. Unfortunately, this gave white people a much bigger advantage over the black people and often, police were ‘one sided’ and occasionally arrested black people for the littlest of things that mostly weren't even criminal offences. But there was an advantage to all this as this was fueling Martins dream to end segregation as his hopes became higher to achieve what he had dreamed for and to many people such as I, look up to him as a role model who has inspired many. Regrettably, the other black people do not think like him as he thought outside the box and he did not believe in violence, as using violence against violence didn't stop it, it simply extended it and his use of not using violence is the main reason why he is has inspired me as a motivational role model and because of this, he has earned his name in history and a place in society. At the very moment of what sparked his dream to end segregation was when he was only a child and where he was bullied because he was black. After that point, he realized that he had a massive responsibility as a leader and a role model for millions. 28th August 1963, outside Washington DC, where a 17 minute speech changed history forever. The 4 words that had changed many people and their views on black people as the awe inspiring words of “I have a dream” made the president realize, the words that made the entire American population realize, the words that made me realize that dreams can come true. Even after 50 years, his words will inspire us to achieve greater, the words that broke the chains that held black people from preventing them from doing anything. During...
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