Why I Came to the United States

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I came to the United States because I have a son. As all loving mothers want the best for their children, I want the best for mine. I thought that living in the United States would give my son great opportunities in his life. He will have opportunities such as a good education and a good job. The best of all is that he will have the chance to live under the United States law.

Education is a treasure that nobody can steal. Being educated in the United States is the best that can happen to anybody. In my thoughts I am giving my son the best I can by having him study here, and at the same time I am learning a lot of new things. For example, I am learning English and soon I will achieve one of my dreams which is having my GED diploma.

Now about the work, he will for sure have more opportunities to find better jobs in the United States than if we were in my home country. Yes, I believe so, because the United States offers many job opportunities and the right tools for you to succeed.

I love living in the United States because of its laws. They are wonderful. To me, this country is perfectly managed and that gives me peace of mind because I know my son is protected.
As I have shown, I came to the United States because I value this country very much and I want my son to grow up in this marvelous country.
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