Why I am a Republcan

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, United States Declaration of Independence, United States Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: April 24, 2014
The Republican Party has over 55 million registered voters, comprising of over thirty percent of the United States population. Of course, it is impossible to form a party so that everyone fits, I think that the Republican Party does a fairly well job in creating a mold that includes thirty percent of the United States and I am a part and support and agree, to an extent, their ideas and platform. Some of the Republican Party’s stances on popular debates that I support are as follows: opposes gun control, opposes government regulated healthcare, and supports lower taxes. One of the reasons that I am a Republican is their opposition of gun control. John Locke’s unalienable rights, which ideas Thomas Jefferson based the Declaration of Independence on, are life, liberty, and property. Property being the main point here, I believe that it is our right to own a gun, since it is considered property; and, it is not the duty of the government, nor the authority, to manage such a thing. Also, we would not be an independent nation to this day if it were not for the practice of bearing arms. It is crucial to have the right to bear arms in our own safety and protection. My great grandfather, a wealthy French auto dealer, during WWII had a wide variety of guns that he collected and hunted with. When Germany invaded France, they took all of his guns and cars. We are not a nation that deals with threats against domestic violence by taking away rights of the people. We create laws and restrictions on how to obtain guns, and thorough background checks to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. The second amendment is our right and the government has no authority to take that away from us. I also support the Republican platform because I believe that the government should spend less money regulating people’s lives and providing health care and should put the money into the military or even lower taxes. The Democratic idea of helping the poor is not what...
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