Why I Am Proud to Serve

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Why I am Proud to Serve

Ever since the day someone has started school, he or she has been serving their country. People have been getting an education and allowing another generation of people to start where others have left off. By getting an education, a carpenter will be replaced by a carpenter, a lawyer will be replaced by a lawyer, and a candidate to be president will step forward.

Getting an education in my opinion is the most vital part of serving this country. Without it there would be no jobs because people would not know how to start a business and people would not get hired because they would not know what they were doing. So it makes no difference weather or not someone is in high school or out working a job; they are still serving their country.

A soldier did not start serving his or her country when he or she signed up for the military. The president, congressman, the senate, or even the average electrician did not start serving their country when they stepped up to office or started working on our power lines. These people started on their first day of school even if it meant getting up at five o'clock in the morning and not returning home until four in the afternoon. Now that these people have an education they can benefit from it and go to work everyday. The American soldier goes to the front line to protect and serve their country. The politician steps into office to manage and make decisions that most people would not want to make. The plumbers, electricians, road workers, and even the people working at McDonalds do what they do to serve each other and others. An American does this to show that he or she is proud of their country and proud to serve it. They are proud to serve their country because people before them have done the same thing to keep America strong and running.

I am proud to serve my country because there have been Americans before me that have died for this country to keep it strong. If it weren't for these certain...
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