Why i am proud to say the Pledge of Allegiance

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Why I Am Proud To Say The Pledge Of Allegiance

I am proud to say the Pledge Allegiance to the flag. The flag represents that we have freedom in speech and equal rights for women and men. I am proud because I have equal rights as a citizen and I am able to go to school unlike other nations. I am also proud that I can have my own religion without having someone else force me into a different one. The flag stands for the republic, which is a democratic government elected by the citizens of the United States. Our republic is different then some other nations,so we should be glad that we, as citizens, can vote for leaders. I am glad of this because if we didn't have this, then we wouldn't be able to have our say in our government. We should also be glad about the military and people in the army that sacrificed their time and life so we could have freedom with our lives. I am proud because those soldiers left their families to fight. Who knows what could happen out there?They could have lost their life and would never be able to see their family again. It's great to have someone out there fighting for YOU to have freedom and be safe. The flag also says that we are indivisible, so we will be one nation and never be divided. The United States flag is a great example of the veterans out there and the freedom they gave us. That is why I am proud to say The Pledge Allegiance to our

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