Why I'M in Favor of Death Penalty.

Topics: Death Penalty, Prison, Penology Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: October 14, 2012
“I’m in favor of death penalty.”

Legalizing death penalty, as far as I know, is still a pending case in our country. But for you to know how can I say that I’m in favor of it? Simple. First, because when a prison is imprisoned many times, for me it can be considered to have him/her to have the death penalty. It is called abuse. Second, because our country is a free country, a democratic country. And because of that, drug pushers, robbers, hold-uppers and the like, abuses the freedom given to us. They know that if they’ll commit crime, the only punishment for it is imprisonment. And as we all know, not all of our personnel who are against crime do their entire job. I mean, not all of them sacrifice their lives for a person who is in danger.

Death penalty, for me, would be a solution to our government’s problem relating to this matter. Crime becomes cycle in our country. A cycle that has no solution. It’s like committing crime, and then imprisonment, then after that, that person who commits crime will then be free. Sometimes, “justice” is in the hands of the people who have their power against poor people, their money.

Death penalty is also a way to lessen those people in who are being put into prison, people who are committing crime. If death penalty or capital punishment will be once again executed here in our country, maybe most Filipinos would be afraid to commit crime after all.

I know, killing a live is a sin. But compare to the sins that they are doing? It’s nothing. It’s like committing a crime without their conscience. But in death penalty, we do it for justice and for them to be responsible in their actions.

Death penalty will be one of the solutions, but not for all aspects of life. Here, I only want to say that if we will live in peace and harmony, there will be no problem, but not absolutely. I also want to point out that if God will be in our lives, there will be no crime everywhere.
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