Why I’m Attending College

Topics: High school, College, Writing Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: August 7, 2011
Why am I attending college? I enrolled in school for a few reasons. First off I was told that to get a Five Rating (the highest rating) on my next Enlisted Performance Report would have to have completed or be enrolled in college. So in order to keep myself on a strong footing for promotion I needed to head back to school. Second, I am looking to better myself not for a performance report but for myself. Completing college is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. At my previous assignment I worked many long hours which made it impossible for me to attend school or have much of life for that matter. So now with my new assignment and much lighter work load I no longer have the work excuse. I originally went to Community College after I graduated high school but left in my sophomore year to join the Air Force. I planned on continuing once I was in and did initially but school took a backseat to other things. So in order to correct the errors of my youth I thought would give it another try and see if I can do better as an adult. What I hope to gain from the experience is more self confidence in the area of school. I was never a good student while I was growing up. Factors for this I guess would be lack of focus on my part and lack of discipline when it came time to my school work. The typical kid syndrome of "I do not want to be stuck in this room all day I want to be outside doing something". I also feel there could have been neglect on the part of my teachers by trying get thru to me more. I am not blaming others for my shortcomings but looking back I think I had a few very lazy uncaring teachers. What are the skills I have to make me suited for suited for studying in a technological age? I personally think I do better in an unstructured environment. Online courses are structured but not in the traditional sense of you need to be at this place at this time. I think being able to attend when I like is better suited to my job. Sometimes with the...
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