Why a Multicultural Society Cannot Have Canon

Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: July 16, 2010
Cultures have cannons, but a multicultural society or people cannot have cannon.

A culture is a complex set of shared beliefs and values, and concepts which enables a group to make sense of its life and which provides it with directions for how to live. We live in a culture and culture is written into us in a process of internalisation. Australia is a melting pot of races, cultures and beliefs. This country was built by people from many different national backgrounds, and has followed an active policy of multiculturalism. If Australia were have a multicultural canon it would be very complicated due to cultures accommodate a variety of values and beliefs, and if we could manage to have a multicultural canon there would be conflict about what value is better or which belief should we go by, disagreements will be involved and it will be very difficult to come to a conclusion, hence I agree with the statement that culture have cannons, but a multicultural society or people cannot have cannon. A canon is a rule or body of rules and principles that are generally established as valid and fundamental in a field. My argument, is we cannot have a multicultural society or people due to all the disagreement and conflict that may occur which will turn into chaos. Hegel suggests there could be a multicultural society, which involves a clash between cultures-conflict and synthesis, however Plato suggests that a perfect ideal exists in which only some can reach that point. Hegel and Plato both oppose my argument, they are for- there could be a multicultural canon but Hegel’s form is that people may argue for instance two people come up with two different ideas and in the end they combine and come up with a conclusion but form that conclusion another idea is inserted and it continues like a triangle, I agree with Hegel in that area but I don’t believe that we could conclude with a multicultural canon it will keep going and will never stop. On page 230 “Philosophy and...
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