Why Youth Sports Are Good Forkids

Topics: High school, College, Middle school Pages: 5 (2292 words) Published: December 1, 2005
Many parents wonder how their children are spending time after school. They are concerned about what they are doing at home, at the mall, with their friends, or during time spent alone. Others worry about their children's health or their tendency to be overweight, something that can cause them to be the object of ridicule. There is one good solution to many of their concerns, and it involves physical activity that is the result of being involved in sports. Youth Sports are important to keep kids healthy and out of trouble. First, a parent must discover what kind of sport their child wishes to play. They could have their son or daughter ask other friends from school about what they are doing. That would enable the child to participate in an activity with a friend. Mothers and fathers can also get information from parents of their child's friends that might help them choose a suitable activity. This may provide an in-school option or something that might take place out of the school environment, something like hockey, golf, or indoor soccer. Choosing the right sport is important because a good choice is a step toward keeping the child involved. This is actually the easy part of getting a child into a sport. It is much harder to keep them in it if only for the parent's benefits. Thus, one makes sure that the young person wants to continue in the sport. To make sure that they are having fun, parents can ask the coach, or talk to the child directly. And after the first sport, they might want to try a new one. The hope is that they will discover the sport they will enjoy the most. This can really set the tone down for their future in any sports. It can turn to them hating or just having fun. If a child is not enjoying a sport, the parent really needs to discover why. Mom and Dad should ask the coach if he has seen any problems with any of the kids. Sometimes there are many personal conflicts between individuals or perhaps children leave them out. This is one of the least significant problems; there are other problems that are more difficult to fix. Understanding this is important because when the teammates are getting along with the child, then the child will definitely enjoy the sport. There are many places where a parent can get a child involved. There are specific programs and clubs in which kids can participate, including The Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, and many other organizations for different sports. There is some money that will be needed for these, but the costs are reasonable. For example, The Boys and Girls Club's membership is $25.00 for the first month. After the first month there is only $15.00 charge per month (Phone Interview). The cost to join the YMCA is more, but it covers a longer period of time. In addition to sport opportunities, these are places that parents can send children after school as a means of daycare or a play center. Many young people tend to stay in the sport and progress as they get older. However as they get older, the competition increases at the junior high and high school level. Still, there are sports outside of school that provide additional opportunities. As a member of one of these teams, one can go to tournaments and play all around the state depending on the age. Occasionally the teams travel, which can get a little out of hand and take up time for schoolwork. The danger with traveling is that children might get worn out or some might fall behind in their studies. A parent might need to say, "Concentrate on school," if it is affecting their childs grades. A personal account of the author explains his experience in youth sports. He remembers when he was in fifth grade and his under-12 soccer team went to the Wenatchee Apple Cup. The team had played in the tournament in previous years, but this was the year they wanted to win. His team ended up going to the playoffs for first place, but they were not expecting to play a select team, a team that has...
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