Why You Should Travel

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There are 196 countries on this planet and 7,048,363,969 people who live on it. New Zealand’s population is about four million which is almost the same amount of people who live in only Los Angeles, California in the United States. The world has so much to see and enjoy. Everyone should travel the world while they are young to experience a full life before settling down and starting a family. Travelling offers cultures, new environments and many more job opportunities Tourists are stereotyped to travel overseas to only take photos and visit sights. Travelling is not 100% about being a tourist. It can be about experiencing risk and adventure so you don’t live in fear. Experiencing risks will make you put the small and worrying things now into perspective . It broadens your mind and reminds you that the world really isn’t a small place. The world is massive and there are so many other more important things to be scared or worried about. Travelling is life changing. It will put you into places that force you to care for issues bigger than you. If you travel to South East Asia you may encounter the slave trade. If you visit Eastern Europe, you may see the effects of genocide and religious persecution. When experiencing these situations you will be more thankful for what you have and it will make you feel closer to other people across the world. While you are young you should explore many different cultures and their events or traditions such as Chinese New Year or bull fighting in Spain, both exciting things that are richest from countries of their origin. Experiencing mixed cultures would be helpful to help deal with all sorts of new people and see people who are hard to understand now in a whole new light. People overseas are guaranteed to be completely different from where you are from. Experiencing mixed cultures is also what is wanted in jobs, an ideal person who knows different types of people and how to deal with them in a way that they...
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