Why you should not go on a FAB diet?

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Why you should not go on Fad Diet?

Why you should not go on Fad Diet?

We all have seen the ads with the long necks, slim body super models, and have tried our hardest to emulate that ideal image of that person. Many people have tried out those “Fab diet” that they have seen flipping through the magazines at the supermarket. The term "fad diet" refers to a weight loss plan that is popular for a short period of time. This type of diet usually claims one will lose weight by methods other than calorie restrictions (Staff, P. 2014). Now of day it is more fad diet commercial than ever. Selling the idea of losing weight by cutting a food group that causes weight loss. All these so call diet shown do have serious repercussions on the your overall health. How many of people has tried these kind of diets like Paleo, South Beach, and Atkins, the grapefruit diet, potatoes diet, gluten-free, juicing and cleanings diet, HGC and injections, and the list goes on. Well I am going to give you three reasons why you should not go on a fab diets. For wind up gaining the weight back, you begin to have digestive problems, and it affect your metabolism. Weight loss/ Weight gain

These diets are designed to offer hope of losing weight, but no take in to fact that this information varies per person. These diets may provide short-term results, but losing weight is hard because they are difficult to stick to. Fad diets or crash diets can harm your health. For example take the potatoes diet may allow you to lose some weight, but overall you would be consuming on 1200 calories of the potatoes, and you would be consuming one part of the pyramid (Dawson, A. (2013, Sep 21)). Permanent weight loss can be through working through the proper changes in one’s lifestyle. Like working out, eating right, and being aware of eating. These are important in losing weight and keeping it off. From a consume report of 2002 it showed that nearly a quarter of the 32,213 dieters who...

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