Why You Should Never Use Internet Explorer, Ever

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Why you should never use Internet Explorer, Ever

With internet explorer dominating for years web designers were restricted to a not only slow browser but a browser that was and still is a limited on its styling. Luckily over the years we have seen a sharp drop in users of internet explorer and now average of 48.5 % of people using the more sophisticated and devolved Google chrome. However the extinction of internet explorer is not complete as there as still users with IE5. The development of css & and css3 has led to designers making extraordinary websites with amazing features but that all gets shattered when someone opens there website in internet explorers.

You may at this point think there was never any hope for web designers but it never used to be that way, in fact IE was the first browser to introduce css (Cascading Style Sheets) and it also invented Ajax which is a XMLHttpRequest feature in JavaScript. So what made it turn into the nightmare it is today? It all started when Microsoft stopped trying, they released IE 6 with loads of new features and saw they had a 95% stake in the browser market and decided to just give up, even when people started moving to Firefox and even Google Chrome, Microsoft did nothing. So after time security holes and crashes developed until they released IE7 & IE8 too little, too late.

So if you still use IE after this article then there is no hope for the human race, as for every time you use IE it is like sticking your middle finger up at a designer and throwing their work into a blender. Could the next IE be the browser that’s going to change the world? Or will it just be the fail we are all expecting? We will just have to find out.

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Author, Daniel Colaianni
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