Why Women Love Sports

Topics: American football, Basketball, Super Bowl XLII Pages: 4 (1521 words) Published: August 15, 2011
"Name five players on the Giants." I can't even count on my fingers and toes how many times I've heard that. As a female sports fan, that seems to be the question that guys think "proves" if you are a real fan or if you just like to talk a big game. Why does it seem gender roles are upheld obsessively in some instances and completely disregarded in others? Women: Does your mom ever tell you that the guy should always pay for a meal? What about when you tell your boyfriend you want to go to dinner, do the same rules apply? I say no.  If I call my boyfriend and complain that I don't like the meal our chef is making for dinner and ask him to come get Campus Pizza with me, I do not think that it is his responsibility to pay for me. I would bet most guys at Lehigh would be happy with a girl who doesn't expect them to pay for every single meal, but why is it we are praised for being independent women, but interrogated if we share interests that are typically aimed toward men?  Essentially, what you're saying is: I can be independent and pay for my own meal, but I will face enormous criticism for trying to be a sports fan. As a New York Giants fan, I seem to have finally convinced my male peers that I am worthy of both watching and commenting on a football game and subsequently analyzing it over pizza later in the evening. However, it has taken me two years to prove that I have been satisfactorily schooled in the game of football itself and more importantly in the Giants. With the Super Bowl just behind us, it is inevitable that a plethora of women felt inadequate at their respective Super Bowl parties.  It has taken me a while to determine what it is that makes men assume women are inferior when it comes to sports. I have concluded that men feel the need to close women out of at least one aspect of their lives, since we seem to have invaded every other.  Women have taken over the workplace - they are CEOs, lawyers and top surgeons. I mean, it is completely within the...
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