Why Women Keep Secrets

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Wife Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: October 21, 2009
Why Women Keep Secrets
couldn’thave. Secrets have been kept from the time we were little all the way up to adulthood. Women are known to be able to keep secrets better than men, in some cases. But the question is why, why to women keep secrets? Women keep secrets from their husbands on a daily basis. Women keep secrets from their families to protect them from danger. Some secrets are kept regarding their past. Some women keep secrets, because they may feel thatthis is the only control that they may have in the relationship. Secrets are kept in many of today’s homes. Many families are surrounded by secrets that only the wife knows about. A secret, as simple, as who broke daddy’s favorite mug can be turned into a verybig secret if the truth is never revealed. When a mother feels that if a secret will cause harm to her family, she will do whatever to protect her family. This could include keeping whatever that may exist to herself. No matter if it is something that should be told and pertains to family as a whole. As in the short story “Interpreter of Maladies,” Mrs. Das was keeping a secret from her husband regarding an affair she once had eight years ago. As a result of this affair, a son was born. Mrs. Das secret was kept to protect her family from the embarrassment of her infidelity. Like Mrs. Das, there are many other families that are dealing with this same secret in their home. Women sometimes feelthat her past is no ones business but her own. She keeps her past relationships to herself. She may never reveal the names or even how many exesshe had. Many women don’t reveal their past relationship to their current husband or boyfriend because they don’t want to open bringsup bad relationships and experiences that have caused lots of pain. Some husbands or boyfriends say that they don’t want to know about their wives or girlfriends past. Many women say if they don’t ask, they don’t tell. Some secrets are best kept a secret as long as it’s not about the...
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