Why Women Aren’t Getting to the Top

Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Woman Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Case study analysis
Susan Fraker, the author of the article Why women aren’t getting to the top, states several problems and reasons of gender discrimination. Her purpose in writing the article is to share her founding, to stimulate further researches and discussions on gender issues in the community. In the article readers can find almost all ideas supporting the problem and questions which can appear while reading one paragraph, can be answered in the following one. If to take into consideration that article was written in 1980’s and is still actual in our decade, I can assume that the author achieved her purposes. The author tells that women cannot be chief executives, have professional growing and get equal salary as men. However, she gives few examples of women’s success. In my point of view, nowadays discrimination is diminishing from our society. All countries have laws which guarantee equal rights to both genders. According to the article, women’s difficulties are based on people’s prejudice, different motivation towards job and motherhood. I agree that in many cultures women’s role is underestimated, but at the same time I must mention that hundred years ago women did not study at all, now they get high education, work, and even take professions like teacher off men’s hands. If we take women from my country, I suppose theory of less or different motivation can be essential principle. However, motherhood is the biggest problem in reaching up goal, as long as woman should take parental leave and be unemployed for several months. For bosses hiring a woman is risky unless she signs contract where provision of motherhood is prohibited. The author’s statements are strong but not all of them are supported with facts. In paragraph 16, there is a notion that there is a possibility of wrong choice of profession rather than discrimination. While surfing the internet, I found out Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work which...
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