Why William won the battle

Topics: Battle of Hastings, Battle of Stamford Bridge, Harold Godwinson Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Why William won the battle of Hastings?
The battle of Hastings happened in 1066, 14th of October and was fought between William and Harold. The battle was eventually won by William. There are four reasons why William won the battle of Hastings, there are preparation, tactics, luck and his leadership. First of all, William won the Battle of Hastings because he prepared himself very well before he fought. William prepared a great army of knights, where there are two thousand knights. What's more, William prepared six thousand horses. In order to let each knight to have 3 horses for the battle. Also, he prepared four hundred ships to carry his army to the battlefield. To make his army stronger, William bought the finest weapon in France. In addition, William's army was well equipped, well trained. Therefore, the Normans were happy, high-spirit and being confident. William also won the battle of Hastings due to the good luck he had. The wind had changed at the right time for William. He was able to cross the sea and land in Hastings while Harold was still fighting in the north with Harald Hadraada. Moreover when Harold was fighting in the north, some of his best soldiers were killed. By the time when Harold's army got to the Hastings, they were exhausted and were not ready for the next battle. This gave advantages to William's army. Furthermore, Harold was killed when an arrow shot into his eye on the middle of the battle. This caused the English to lose confidence and lose the battle. William's tactics were also a reason why he won the battle of Hastings. Firstly, he arranged his army into rows-archers, foot-soldiers and cavalry-for the attack. Secondly, he encouraged his men to use the clever trick of retreating to make the English come down the hill in order to surround them and kill them. William won the battle of Hastings for many reasons including his good luck, his amazing tactics, his preparation. The most important reason is William's luck. Without his...
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