Why Wear a Seatbelt?

Topics: Airbag, Seat belt, Seat belt legislation Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: January 21, 2013
I'm only going to a friends house, it's to uncomfortable to wear, I don't need a belt I got an airbag, I'm a great driver why would I need a seatbelt? You've probably heard these excuses before, or even said some of them yourself. But you have no idea how wrong you really are. You need it on at all times while driving, otherwise something could go terribly wrong.

Here's an example, lets say Danielle, and Doug are on their way to a big party that the whole school is going to be at. Doug is driving and Danielle is in the passenger seat. Both, of coarse, not wearing their seatbelt. And all of a sudden their favorite song comes on, so they turn it up real loud and are jamming to it. Getting pumped for this party that's about to happen. Doug then starts fist pumping like a champ and takes his eyes of the road. Then just in the blink of an eye he swerves off the road, causing the car to start rolling, and rolling. Once it stops Dan is somewhere in the back seat and Doug was thrown through the windshield and laying by a tree.

Today I'm going to discuss seatbelt statistics in the U.S, and ways to prevent people from not wearing their seatbelt. I'll also give a top ten list on why you should wear your seatbelt.

Did you know that in all of the fatal motor crashes, 56 percent of the people are teens 16 to 20 years old? This is because teens have the lowest seatbelt use out of everyone. That means that over half of thee people who died were about our age, and just for such a simple thing as not wearing a seatbelt.

Also, your chances of dying are lowered by 50 percent if you would have just buckled up. If I were Dan or Doug, I'd defiantly would have worn it knowing that my odds were that much better.

Also looking back at their "little" accident, being ejected from the vehicle is the most deadly thing that can happen in a car crash. Nearly 77 percent of people thrown out, will die. An if a 150...
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