Why We Shouldnt Imprision Drun Drivers of the First Offence

Topics: Prison, Driving under the influence, Drunk driving Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Why We Shouldn’t Imprison Drunk Drivers on first Offence
In the State of Idaho you are charged with some kind of penalty on the first offence when caught driving under the influence. Some are major and some are minor. The law states you will serve time in jail for 2 days to 6 months depending on the circumstance. These laws are not helping. They need to be changed. In 2008 there were 11,850 arrests for a DUI. But according to MADD “Alcohol use in past month among persons aged 12 to 20: 42,000” (unknown). With these laws enforced the number are not going down. These laws not only just make it more difficult for the law they are making jails and prisons to crowed for people that shouldn’t necessarily be there. If there is a 17 year old that is being imprisoned for drunk driving at the same time there is also a killer being imprisoned for murder or someone getting locked up for domestic violence. That 17 year old made a mistake but should not be in a building full of killers and people that should really be there. So by taking away these laws and replacing them with more simple ones like owing two months’ worth of community service the number will decrease due to not wanting to spend your days in the jail. Adding tings like just being assigned to go to programs such as: Alive at 25 will also help with this problem. If failure to attend this can lead to jail but not the day the get caught for this senseless crime. This is way we shouldn’t imprison people on the first offence of driving drunk.
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