Why We Need Religion

Topics: Buddhism, Sun, Religion Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: September 9, 2008
Religion serves as a way of reminding us that there is a divine, and more importantly reminding us to APPRECIATE and to SEEK the divine in our lives in our search for peace and happiness. Religion creates a channel for emotion, as our emotions are our reactions to and recognition of that which and which is not divine. A sunset, for example, is a powerful symbol of divinity because the sun is powerful and glorious and we understand that we could never live without it but we cannot imagine what the world would be without the sun nor can we comprehend the scale and heat and power of the sun. A sunset is when this divine entity appears close to us and draws attention to it and reminds us that it is there and it is divine and it is beautiful, and that is why sunsets are move us so deeply. All religions seek to enrich one’s life by telling us that divinity is everywhere and we just can’t see it. The Jews and the Christians says that God is within everything and is everywhere. The Buddhists will tell you that the Buddha is within everything and everything is part of the Buddha for everything is everything and we cannot comprehend that which is what makes it beautiful. The Hindus will tell you that everything is part of Brahman and Brahman is part of everything and Brahman IS everything and everything is Brahman and everything is thus divine and we cannot comprehend that and it is beautiful. The Animist religions will tell you that there is a spirit within everything and that the spirit is divine and though we believe it to be there we cannot comprehend the spirit and that is beautiful.

Without religion, there is no divine, thus no beauty. Everything is as it seems and is simple and new things are beautiful until we understand them and are familiar with them until they too are simple and ugly and boring. Religion reminds us that no matter how familiar something is, there is always that divinity at its core that we will never comprehend, that will forever tempt us with...
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