Why We Have Libraries

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Why We Have Libraries
Jannah B. Juan
of Gr. 10 Rembrandt Batch 2011-2012

Nerds, Bookworms, Geeks… The most commonly used names for people who frequent libraries. But, what is a library?

Libraries are the places filled with entertainment, knowledge, wisdom and the emotions inside a human’s heart. How can all this fit inside a small building of books? Well, one book can already contain all of these, though, of course, it depends how good the author is. You can find everything and anything you need inside a well-developed library. I’m sure most of you might be thinking, “Screw the endless search in books, we have the internet!” True. These days, we see less importance in libraries since we can just get everything we need by a simple click of a button. But have you ever thought of where the internet gets its information? How it all came to be as it is? Through the hard work of men who took the courage to read, learn and create. Where do you suppose they do these things? Why, the library of course!

Libraries are not always boring as most would think. In fact, it shows you places that you have never been to or in some cases, places you’ll never be able to see at all. I once read a quote saying, “Books let you go places when you have to stay put.” It lets you visit Paris even when you have a cold; show you the 7 wonders of the Ancient World just before you go to bed; lets you see fireworks at daylight; provides you the feelings of emotion you have never even thought about yet. Libraries take you back in time and let you see the past. Without them, where will the books go? Where will the past go? Where will the future lead to? That’s why books are truly a wonder, but they are not the only entertainment found inside a library. There are other things like, music, movies and the internet itself. A child can be amazed how much a library can entertain him. And through this, a child will be even more eager to learn for the easiest way to learn is to enjoy.

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