Why Was The Roman Army So Successful

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Why was the Roman Army so successful?

Dorothy Kwok

The Roman army was the most successful and powerful army in history, they built the Roman Empire, which spread over continents and lasted for a very long time. The Romans achieved fame for its amazing army. There are many reasons why the Roman army was so successful. The army offered Roman citizens to return with glory and money after serving Rome in battles. Their weapons and equipment was a lot more advanced than their enemies, which requires a lot more practice, so the army insisted much on training its soldiers. The army’s organization is designed very well, with the intelligent tactics, they are often undefeatable.

The recruitment of soldiers for the Roman army was very special and successful. Originally, the consuls had the power to recruit the soldiers and it was only rich people. But as the empire got larger and larger, the Roman army realized they needed more soldiers. So they forced men from 17 to 46 years old to join the army. They usually recruit physically fit men to build a stronger army. The pay was 3000 sist, and also farmlands, poor people are encouraged to join because they want to earn money for themselves and their family. These strong men also needs strong equipment to fight their enemy.

The equipment of the Roman army was considered the most advanced at the time. The cassis is a pot like helmet that is usually made from steel or bronze, it protects a soldier’s neck, head and face. The body armor was called Lorica Segmentata, it is flexible when the soldier moved around, so it wouldn’t block any of the soldier’s movements. The long curved rectangular shield, the scutumn, has an advantage that it can form a testudo with other shield, which can give a group of men more protection. The gladius is a short thrusting sword, these short swords are way more deadly than the long energy-wasting long swords. Another famous weapon is the pilum, a medium length throwing spear, the point is...
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