Why War

Topics: World War II, Violence, Iraq War Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Why War?
For many years, wars have been in the world. War in any large scale, causes violence and conflict. Although nowadays the meaning of the war is changing, the importance of war is the same. Samuel indicates in his article ‘WAR’ that “War is a state of conflict involving two or more groups of creatures attacking each other in an attempt to destroy the opposing force , to capture the resources of the other side, or to defend resources of their own from capture”. (Samuel. J). It is considered to be an important issue which has some controversies. Although some people assert that wars can be necessary, they are not necessary because they trigger economic depression, create health problems, and the becoming of competition over humanity. Even though it is asserted that wars are necessary for security in the world, they create loss of confidence between countries. Some people claim that wars are important to get their social freedom. It is also argued that any people may benefit from human rights.

Wars are very harmful for human rights because at the same time a lot of people lose their freedom. Wars cause loss of confidence between countries. For example, USA lost people’s confidence because USA started the war with Iraq. This results in other big problems such as more wars. People claim that wars can be a very important opportunity to get economic benefits such as resources and geopolitical position of countries. Hanson claims in his article “THE SECRET: Oil Crunch is Coming” that Muslim countries stress economies of Western countries because Muslim nations have 60 percent of oil market in the world by 2010. (Hanson) Wars have far more crucial consequences on the economy which lead people to poverty. Wars usually will result in economic depression. Since war is the main issue lack of investment and production will occur because war expenses are very high. As Brouwer explains the biggest financial cost of the First World War is for Germany with...

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