Why Violent Video Games Should Not Be Banned

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William LaCrossMar 9, 2012
S.S. Persuasive essay

I think there should not be a law that bans violent video game production. I think this because if we ban violent video games then most companies that manufacture the violent video games could go bankrupt. Also I don’t think that it’s the video games are making the younger generation commit all the crimes that they are committing.

My first reason why I think we should not ban violent video games is because to many video game manufacturers would go bankrupt. One reason for this is because most video games that are manufactured and sold are violent video games. Also if violent video games were banned then that would leave the games for the younger kids and there’s more teenagers and adults that play the violent video games than little kids play the non-violent video games.

My second reason why I think violent video games should not be banned is because I don’t think the violent video games are what is causing the younger generation to commit all these crimes. One reason why I think this is because most kids around the world play violent video games. If that was the case then most kids around the world would be committing crimes after playing violent video games. “90 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls play.” (Source 2 paragraph 1).

Those are my reasons why I think that we should not ban violent video games just because everyone thinks that they are causing kids to commit crimes.
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