Why Torture Is a Good Thing

Topics: Al-Qaeda, Federal government of the United States, Taliban Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: December 11, 2010
Why Torture is a Good Thing.

Recently the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi has come under fire for comments she made about torture, once again bringing the topic of torture back into the national spotlight. There are so many different sides to the debate on whether our government should or should not allow torture in the integration of suspected Al Qaeda members currently locked up in the United States military prison located in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. There are those people who say that nothing good ever comes out of integration that uses anything that could be torture, but the truth is that is some of where our best intelligence in the War on Terror has come from the use of harsh integrating techniques. There are many different forms of intergation method that are uses by our government that have been called torture by those wishing to prevent them from happening. Our government loosly defines torture as any method of intergation that does not leave any physical damage to the person that it is being used upon, there is nothing there about harsh intergation technique. There are many different forms of intergation tactects that are uses that have been called torture, but these methods do not physical harm nor to they leave any long term physical injures. The United States government does not use many of the traditional torture techniques that many foreign governments and Al Qaeda use; such as beatings, electric shock, and starvation. Waterboarding is one of the biggest intergation that has come under attack. Water boarding is preformed by tieing a person down with his feet raised above his head, then covering his mouth and nose. Finaly water is poured over there persons face, all this causes the mind to believe that the person is drowning. Even though no physical harm comes to the person; this technique is one of the most criticized forms of harsh integration techniques used. Water boarding is preformed on our own solders to...
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