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Why Tobacco Advertising Should Be Made Illigal

By irisha89 Dec 11, 2010 269 Words
Why Tobacco Advertising Should Be Made Illegal?
By Irina Goloborodko

Tobacco advertising should be made illegal. First of all it is correspondent with growing death rate. In average, over 400 000 people die from tobacco usage every year. We should not support tobacco advertising when it is harmful to everyone. The only kind of advertising that has to deal with tobacco should be associated with stop smoking. Such advertising should help people to bring up smoking or should inform people about risks of smoking and about consequences that are involved. Comprehensive bans on tobacco advertising and promoting can result in a considerable reduction of tobacco consumption on a national level. Tobacco advertising should be banned from television, billboards, magazines, the internet and other places where one might find the advertising. Tobacco advertising is one of the worst kinds of advertising because it is pretty much telling everyone that it is okay to smoke because others are doing it also. Furthermore, tobacco advertising must be forbidden because it would be the most effective among teenagers, the easiest to be influenced by bad examples, fashions and emulation because of their psychological immaturity that lead them to adopt smoking as a mask to appear and feel themselves more adult. Tobacco advertising must be banned forever only thinking to how much the cures against cancer, too frequently useless, are expensive for the sanitary systems of all the world; these very high costs have surely never been paid by tobacco multinationals, except for the damages paid, after recent long trials, to a minimum part of the victims of this "trendy" and "safe" vice.

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