Why There Are No Jobs in America

Topics: Political philosophy, Government, Economy of the United States Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: April 10, 2012
Why there are no Jobs in America

Porter Stansberry explains why there are no jobs in America by clearing up or simplifying the American governments’ inability to stimulate their own country’s economy by mocking them. He tries to get to the point that the government continuously sucks every last dime out of the American entrepreneur, which in turn leaves the American economy all dried up. When the economy becomes all dried up every citizen is liable to suffer the consequences of a selfish and idiotic government. By non- stop taxing and increasing the taxes at that continuous rate, the government leaves no room for anyone in America to achieve the American dream. Then again, the America we used to know was democracy; judging by the principals of the current government the trendy direction we’re heading for is socialism and/or communism. If the government keeps this up there will be no economic freedom, no place for an American to make a decent living, and therefore, no way for America to sustain its self destructing government. Porter Stansberry understands that the end of America means the end for many other powerful nations as well. My question is why is the greatest and most powerful nation to ever exist on this planet self-destructing? You would have to blind not to see this. Nothing makes sense, we can say incentives for politicians such as bonuses and privileged opportunities, but that doesn’t hold true in the long run. So what’s the real answer? What are we not being told and what is the government and the most powerful people in the world constantly trying to hide from the 99% that are victims to the biggest scam and crime in the history of the world?
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