Why the Us Was Able to Industrialize so Quickly

Topics: Southern United States, Jim Crow laws, United States Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: August 26, 2013
The United States was able to industrialize so swiftly because they were fortunate enough to have a plethora of natural resources available to them without having to obtain them through trade with other countries. Also, the advancement in technology allowed for the rapid industrialization in America. The costs of the rapid post-civil war industrialization outweighed the benefits of it because of strong Southern resentment and resistance to reconstruction.

One of the reasons the United States was able to industrialize so quickly was the convenience of the location of necessary natural resources. Great Britain and other countries, such as France and Spain, had to trade with America to get the resources to industrialize which cost the European countries more money. The United States didn’t have to pay extra costs of importing raw materials because all they had to do was mine them from their own land. Also, the fast running streams acted as an additional power source to voltage electricity. Hydro powered electricity was much more environmental friendly and unlimited.

Another reason for the immediate industrialization of America was the major improvements and advancements of technology such as transportation and communication. The wide expansion of railroads and the invention of the Steam powered vehicle by Ford further allowed even more raw materials to be transferred from place to place across the United States. This also made the transportation of goods, people, and materials more frequent and efficient. Communication was improved by the advancement of the telegraph and the Morse code. Companies and employees were able to communicate with one another faster with better accuracy.

The costs of rapid industrialization outweighed the benefits due to robust Southern resentment and resistance to the new government and reconstruction plans. The firm press of the union to reconstruct the South led to the formation of groups opposing the abolishment of slavery....
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