Why the Population Exploded in the Time Era of 1750-1900

Topics: Demography, Life expectancy, Death Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Why the population exploded during the time era of 1750-1900 Between the time era of 1750 and the 1900s the population had dramatically risen in England from around 5 million to 35-40 million giving the gradually increasing number of people in the country a population explosion. The sudden rise in the population was due to many reasons including improvements in hygiene and sanitation, an increase in food stock and also an increase in young marriages which led to more children being born and the death rate going down. All of these topics will be explained in this essay. One of the most important reasons for the population exploding is in the 1750s when the sudden availability of food came out, which contains the nutrients and protein you need to stay healthy and the prices dropping in soap, making it available to nearly everyone so that you are clean and the bacteria does not build up which would eventually lead to diseases. Most importantly though it made you more attractive to the opposite gender which would increase the birth rate as explained in the next paragraph. The next reason for the increasing population is that in those times around the 1750s if you were healthy and clean you would most likely attract the attention of the opposite gender, which was a good thing because young marriages gave the couple more time to have children therefore increasing the birth rate which did not only make you happy but was beneficial for you. It was beneficial for you to have lots of children because around the 1800s factories started letting children into factories to work and even though they did not earn much they got enough money to contribute to putting the food on the table. This is why many couples thought it was a great idea to have lots of children and with the new training of midwives the death rate of mothers and their babies went down considerably. Another thing that increased the population was that midwives received new training in 1760s which helped prevent...
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