Why the Death Penalty Should Remain

Topics: Capital punishment, Murder, Penology Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: April 13, 2013
November 13, 2012

Why The Death Penalty Should Remain

In the United States, people constantly argue over the morals of the death penalty. While some say it’s justified, others see it as a violation of the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment. The amendment states that the U.S. cannot use "cruel and unusual" punishment. For those who find it to be justified look into the idea of “an eye for and eye”, or in this case, a life for a life. If you take someone’s life, yours should be taken as well.

Today, the punishments for committing a murder are getting too soft. Even if the judge sentences someone to life in prison, there is no guarantee they will remain in prison for life. They may have a review meeting to discuss the possibility of getting out on parole. This will put that killer back on the streets, free to do whatever they please. Even if the judge decided on life in prison with no parole, that criminal will have to be taken care of for the rest of their life. The state will then have to pay for all their expenses while they sit in prison. The money that the prison uses comes from the taxpayers of that state. So in reality, the families of the victims are paying for their loved one’s killer to sit around in prison Capital punishment is usually reserved for serial killers, dangerous criminals and terrorists who will put everybody at harms risk. With the death penalty in effect, the rate of murders dropped dramatically over the last century. For every execution, about 17 murders are prevented. Those who oppose capital punishment try to claim that innocent people are sitting on death row. Even if that’s true, no innocent person has been executed, because every state that allows capital punishment gives the accused criminal a series of appeals. Each tends to last an average of 12 years. DNA testing can now give proof whether or not someone is, in fact, the killer (Marquis 28)....
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