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Why Texting while Driving is Bad

By StephanieAlejo93 May 05, 2013 345 Words
Why Texting While Driving is Bad
The main purpose of this speech is to persuade people that texting while driving is bad and how dangerous it can be. I. Introduction: Visual This: You’re on your way home from school or work. Then receive a text message from your friend. You decide to text them back right away. Composing and sending a text message can take a couple of seconds. In those few seconds, you could have run over a person, hit the car in front of you or gotten of your lane. Today I would like to persuade all of you to stop using your mobile phones whether you’re texting or driving while performing the important task of driving.  II. Body: Asking questions: (the audience don’t have to answer these question) 1. How many of you drive?

2. How many of you have cell phones?
3. Honestly, how many of you text while you are driving?
4. Have you ever asked yourself a question, that texting while driving can be extremely dangerous? A. Yes it’s dangerous to text while driving. It’s just as bad as drinking and driving. 13% of drivers ages 18-20 involved in car wrecks admitted to texting or talking on their cell phones at the time of the crash. B. Texting while driving causes the driver to be extremely distracted A texting driver is 23 times more likely to get into a crash than a non-texting driver. About 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries are cause by distracted drivers every year. III. Conclusion: IT CAN BE YOU!!!

Is your text so important that you want to your life or others at risk??? Don’t let a text distract you while you’re driving. Your text can wait. Hopefully I persuade ya’ll that texting and driving is bad and how it can put you into danger and others as well. Don’t think about it, just STOP!!!


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