Why Teens Smoke Cigarettes

Topics: Cigarette, Adolescence, Tobacco smoking Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Explain why teens smoke cigarettes
According to the BaiDu, more than 80,000 young people around the world start smoking every day. Most people start smoking when they are teenagers, which make it more difficult to quit. The earlier the habit begins, the harder it is it to stop, although many teenagers make multiple attempts to stop smoking. There are three main reasons why teens start smoking which is boredom, lose the weight and as a response to the stress of school and family life. Just like the teens like to act as if they are someone special or dangerous. By smoking they can act on those feelings. Because it is so forbidden it becomes more alluring to teens. The problem is that when they take that first, they can become addicted. The idea that they are breaking the law or going against their parents and schools is an addiction within itself. Kids like to get attention; it does not matter if it’s good attention or bad attention. They crave attention and by smoking they get big attention. The other teens look at them in all kinds of ways and the adults get upset and don’t know what to do. As the research, some teenagers, especially girls, smoke in an effort to lose extra pound. Quit.org states that the nicotine in cigarettes can suppress a teenager's appetite, satisfy her cravings and keep her busy so that she does not think about food. In a culture that obsesses over how someone looks, smoking may allow teens to achieve the appearance needed to gain social acceptance. “Some teens begin smoking because their friends smoke and they want to be liked and accepted,” according to the CBC News. Many adults who began smoking as teenagers acknowledge that their friends gave them their first cigarette and that they began smoking because it was acceptable behavior. Many teenagers fear rejection, so to avoid embarrassment that they may smoke as a way to appear tough and be rebellious. In some cases, teenagers use smoking as a way to declare independence from their...
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