Why Teach

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Autobiography “Why Teach”
                Growing up I have gone to quite a few different schools. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and while I was out there I went to a total of 2 different elementary schools and one k-8 school. I moved out Colorado and I then finally stayed in one place until my time was up and advanced on to the next school and grade level. Nonetheless, I have had many different teachers, of many different styles. I’ve had both really bad and the complete opposite, wonderful teachers. But from them all, I have been able to learn something. I remember being in the 5th grade, when I lived in Chicago and although my teachers still loved me, I remember them having doing some of the most ridiculous things. There was one assignment where literally got graded on how well we could read a paragraph without stuttering and jumbling over a word. I don’t even have to begin to explain why this is such a problem. How can you test one’s ability to read by how often they don’t stutter, even if they actually do know the word and just literally misread it. I also remember the class being full of wild students, so my teacher treated us as such. Only setting the tone of her classroom, and letting us know that she didn’t really care. And I believe her classroom reflected that. After I finally moved out here, I had much better teachers. And I believe that speaks volume. I could literally name a million teachers and a ton of different things that I enjoyed about them but there is something that I took from each of them. I had many teachers who actually cared about me and my success. The teachers who would be sure that they did everything they could to help me succeed. My teachers made certain things fun to ensure that we could understand it but still relate. There are many things that one can learn about oneself simply by observing the way that they are taught and the way that they learn.                 It has taken me forever to finally choose a major and one...
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