Why Take a Vacation

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Whenever someone thinks about taking a trip or vacation, the first thing one think of is the destination (where exactly do I want to go?); once the destination is selected the ask (why do we want to go to this destination?) what type of attractions and entertainment that this destination has to offer? Next is the transportation (how am I getting there? What mode of transportation am I going to use? Airplane, bus, car or train?). Then is accommodation (where would we stay on our way to the destination? where would we stay once we reach our destination?) once all these questions are answered and one arrives at the destination, the next question is what are we going to eat? (Food and beverage). Without each other these suppliers would not be able to form. This is what forms a tourist destination. The similarities among destination resorts, resort area/communities and urban tourist destination are they all try to satisfy their guest expectations and to meet their needs. Each of these destinations offers someone a place to go to unwind and feel free and relaxed. They offer different amenities but they all fulfill the need and wants of the guests. The differences among destination resorts, resort area/communities and urban tourist destination are the locations in which they are located, the size of the destination, the seasonality of the operation, the type of people that they attract and the way they serve them.

Destination resorts are Disney world, palm island resort off the coast of Dubai, the Norwegian cruise line. Resort areas/communities are Wyoming, Jackson Hole, and Mackinac Island, Michigan. Urban tourist destinations are New York, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong
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