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November 22, 2012

MGT 101
Individual Essay

Choosing an elective course is not an easy task. A “wise” student would consider many so-called practical criteria like “is the course easy?”, “does it require more of my time?” or “do I have to put more effort in it?” but, I can say that these were not in my mind when I picked MGT 101, otherwise I would have just taken any of the language courses being offered. However, I also have to disclaim that I know what MGT 101 was all about; I have to be honest enough to say that it was its course title that was pretty attractive- Concepts and Dynamics of Management.

I have little knowledge of what this course is all about, but from the word “management”, terms like “organization”, “decision-making” and “business” comes into my mind. Computer Science majors like me deal with the usage of technology to create useful objects in forms of computer software. But the bottom line and reason for why create software is to have something to sell. Software programmers never work alone especially when they develop a huge project. Teams are always organized, and how to run that team is a concern in the field of management. Assigning the roles of each team member is crucial; skill sets of each one should be taken advantage of, and how they will collaborate with each other should have an organized process, division of labour is also one thing. This is a major concern in Computer Science when handling software projects.

Designing and creating a software project is one thing, organizing the way to do it is another. In a broader view by looking at software companies, they have their own strategies on how to run the company; one of these could probably be like managing material and human resources, planning company processes, strategizing how to sell their products. An example article entitled “Managing Information Technology Services” by IBM included there that there are considerations that they look upon to predict a demand for...
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