Why Sun Ray Failed to Shine

Topics: Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins, Australia Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: May 5, 2013

Miss Universe, Fitness, Health, Cover Magazines, TV Program Presenter, Face of AUS Dep Store Myer

|Jennifer Hawkins 29 years old was born in Holmes Ville, New South Wales, Australia (22/12/1983). She is known as Australian Beauty Queen, model and | |television/program presenter, through the world she is best known as Miss Universe2004. She is the face of Australian Department Store Myer for so | |many years. She currently lives in Sydney. |

1. She is involved and was involved with modelling, fitness, heath, news/magazines cover page/ tourism but mostly she is involved with Australian Department Store Mayer. She was also involved served as a judge for the miss universe 2008 which was a very big step for the Australian Modelling and for the Australian Department Store Mayer. With the beauty that she has in hand is like a massive weapon to use in the government and the financial in the Australian economic, especially when it comes to the prime minister election. She is also a public FIGURE. She is mostly relates to the Fashion and style, she appears in the media with whole new looks from TV to Magazines. There is a saying, higher you get from surface the impact injury is greater. She has been in the beauty and fashion for long time but she did not get herself international title, she appeared in the cover magazine with naked picture of her Marie Claire. (31.dec.2010, by Reality Rave). As she has said in her profile “she has joined channel Nines Gateway team as a special guest reporter filing stories from United States, Tahini and England”. She is the ambassador for Marie Claire Paris.

2. She is now a big shot in fashion and media industries. The opportunities now she has are massive, from one angle she is the woman ambassador of Australian department Myer, face of Myer. She gets involved with the media in TV,...
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