Why Study Skills Are Important

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Study skills are important to maintain. Study skills help you excel in your academic career. They help you remember and learn new information. They also help you do well in your assignments, quizzes, and tests. That helps you pass to the next grade.
You might ask, what are study skills? Examples of good study skills are classroom behavior, time management, organization, and memorization. Good classroom behavior includes active listening. Hearing is not listening. When you listen critically you are trying hard to learn something and you are sitting up straight and taking notes. Keep your eyes on the teacher, ignore noises and movements from others, and avoid daydreaming. Taking notes is good classroom behavior as well as making sure to socialize at appropriate times such as during breaks.
As I previously stated time management is a study skill. Write down all homework and assignments along with their due dates in your agenda or planner. Make sure to Write down test dates, quiz dates, and project due dates in your agenda or planner as well. Also, put all due dates down in your agenda or planner on the day before they are due as a reminder. Take the quiz dates, test dates, and project due dates from your agenda and write them on a calendar at home. Decide how much time you will spend studying after school and how often. Furthermore designate the specific time of day and the actual days for your study time.
Memorization is also a study skill. Memorization includes reading notes aloud several times to yourself, and trying to connect the information to something familiar. Making acronyms, note cards, and your own quizzes from your notes can also help you memorize things. Organization is an important study skill that includes notebook organization, organizing your study place, and organizing your goals. To organize your notebooks keep a separate folder or notebook for each class. Put all homework assignments in one spot as well. Put all papers & classwork neatly in

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