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Explain means to put in a paragraph
2 (In Detail

Explain why should STUDENTS study HISTORY
Expansion of knowledge
In conclusion, we need to study history for many
reasons, we are able to learn from disastrous mistakes,
expand upon our knowledge and recover medical
mysteries. Students should definitely learn about



Find out how things work

Find out how things work

Three main reasons, from right

TEEEC, Make sure to include introductory and
concluding statements
Mallika Tripathi - Constructive Criticism
was very well written. The examples were very good.
except next time maybe not on Mind Node. (though
really doesn't matter) Still really good!! :P :) ;)

I very strongly agree that students should definitely
study history. History is important to all human
beings as it links / connects us to our roots and
origins. Without history, we would not learn from
mistakes, expand our knowledge and find cures to

Clear misconception of other cultures and religions

Pass down heritage

To relate to our ancestors

Finally, we are able to recover medical knowledge to
assist us in curing medical diseases. This can help the
population to thrive as healthy people, increasing the
survival rate of mankind. We are lucky to have access
to our history or people would be rapidly decaying and

History allows us to learn from our mistakes. If
students do not learn about history, mankind will
repeat mistakes over and over causing dramatical
effects upon the society that we live in. An example of
a serious mistake made by humans is the airship
disaster. In this disaster the airship exploded causing
many passengers to burn to death, or die of fatal
injuries. Any survivors were severely burnt and/or

To take ideas from the past and utilise them

To learn about war / peace

Learn From Mistakes (1)

Through the use of history...

Links: between countries
Predict the future
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