Why Study History

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Donovan Funk
Why Study History
Why study history? The answer may seem simple but it’s actually pretty complex. It’s not because the law says so or so you can beat your friends in trivia crack. We must study history for multiple reasons. One way is for personal family history to see what your heritage is. Another way is for scientist to study how people have evolved. We wouldn’t be able to get further if we didn’t look at past mistakes made by humanity. This essay will give you all the good reasons to study history.

In order to solve the question of why something has happened recently, we must look at the history that led up to it. History can also help you make moral decisions. You can look back on people that had similar problems and that will help you solve yours. Also, it can help you decide on which politician to vote for. If you study past politicians that did lots of bad things, you can see if a present politician is making similar mistakes. People in the past can inspire common people in the present to do great things and create great pieces of art.

Seeing an analysis of a person of the past can help you analyze a person in the present. Learning history means you can gain skill in sorting through diverse interpretations of things and sometimes these interpretations can conflict with one another. Assessing changes in the past can help understand changes that happen in modern society. Analysis of change gives you the ability to determine the significance and magnitude of change. Some changes are more fundamental than others and being able to recognize that is important. History can also tell you what caused change.

History can be useful in the workplace too. It doesn’t only help historians; it is used to create good businesspeople, professionals, and political leaders. The use of history in this case can help you decide the good from the bad. Finally, people that study and research history develop better skills in research. It’s very useful in...
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