Why Study Advertising?

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Lecture 1 – Advertising (Jan. 9th, 2011)
Why study advertising?
* “Very considerable part of our total culture, not separable from any other activities of our world” (McLuhan) * All advertising advertises advertising
What is sociology? How does it help us understand advertising? * Advertising shapes values/norms (fast food), role/status (family), group behaviour (beer), social control (bed bugs ad in bus stops) * Reflects values of societies but emphasizes to behave in certain ways Advertising and Sociology

* Distribution of resources
* Micro level how we individually spend money, macro level (businesses, governments) * Impact on society
* Agent of social control
Role of Advertising
* Advertising as privileged discourse
* ‘discourse/idea through and about objects’
* Manipulates our conceptions of our wants/needs
* How are experts used to influence purchasing decisions
* According to Canadians were ambivalent to it, didn’t make them angry/excited * Greater influence from school (54%) than advertising (46%) * 60% think advertising is an insult to their intelligence What people think?

* Approx 50% of Canadians reported that (5 points)
* Say ads don’t make products more expensive
* Advertising doesn’t influence consumer choice
* Believe they don`t spend money unnecessarily
* 2 general viewpoints on advertising
* Harsh criticism (deceptive, manipulative, subliminal) * Strong defences (quality of American ads)
* In-home (TV commercials, radio, online, infomercials, stealth endorsers, print) * Out of home (billboard, mobile and aerial, in-store)
* Product placements
* Ambient (coffee cups, outer space, projecting ads)
* Human tattooing
* Public spaces (John Labatt Centre, Ivey)
* Guerrilla advertising (sticker bombing on poles)
Lecture 2/3

Lecture 4
Social Networking and Advertising
Questions from readings for...
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