Why students should wear school uniforms

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Do you think school uniforms should be mandatory for public schools? In recent years, fashion trends have become more seductive. The fashion industries are making clothes for men and women, which are less revealing of their bodies. Also, many teenagers devote too much of their time getting dressed. In addition, many young teens want to dress similar, to what they see on television. Furthermore, young ladies are dressing in skin tight clothes. Uniforms should be mandatory in schools because it will be less distractive, provides a formal appearance, and it will instill school pride.

If schools enforce uniforms, there will be fewer distractions for students. There are many teenage girls, dressing too provocative in schools. Considering, many teens are imitating the new fashion trends. Fashion industries are making clothes less revealing, and tighter on their bodies. For this reason, it makes it difficult for teenagers to concentrate on their school material. Students are more attentive to what people are wearing, than what their professor is teaching. For example, there can be discrimination towards other students, if they are not up to date in the latest fashion trend. Therefore, students will be less distracted and paying more attention in class, if they all would wear school uniforms.

The clothing that students wear to school has to appear formal. For instance, many male teenagers are wearing baggy clothing, which reveals their under garments. Students do not want to be spectators of offensive and inappropriate fashions. School uniforms should have a proper size for each student. It is inappropriate to dress with ripped clothing or to look like they just got out of their bed. Also, teenagers should not be allowed to wear oversized pants that sag. Therefore, schools should have strict dress codes enforced, to prevent improper use of school uniforms.

All students who wear school uniforms promote school pride. This provides school...
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