Why Students Fail

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Why Students Flunk Out

Why students flunk out of college can not be pin pointed to one thing. There are very many reasons why people drop out of college like for instance, a student may be too overwhelmed with his or her whole college schedule. Also, a student may also be overwhelmed with his or her work schedule on top of their busy college classes. Another reason students may drop out of school is because of personal problems, whether it may be family related or a relationship problems, they to can be very stressful on a student. With all of this stress it is no wonder why so many people drop out of school. But to be honest dropping out of school is almost never a good thing. Now a day’s so many jobs require a higher education background especially if you are trying to earn a greater salary than just the normal minimum wage. Another fact of the matter is that whether you got a scholarship or not someone is still paying for you to go to college, whether its you, your parents, the state or a specialized scholarship program, someone is still paying for you to learn. So, if you drop out you are not only throwing money away, in a sense, your also throwing your life away. Giving up on college also shows that you do not face adversity very well and that is something you will come across your whole life. College is hard there is no denying that but its college; it is supposed to be that way. If college was easy everyone would have a college degree. Having a college degree is what, in the workforce, will separate you, a college graduate, from a dropout who at best will only have his high school diploma. So, giving up now this early in life can lead to bad habits later on in life like being lazy and not being able handle pressure. The point I am trying to get across is that quitting college will get you nowhere fast. If you are having problems with your classes consider revising your schedule and try not to take so many classes. Or, you could possibly take a couple...
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